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Jan. Real Estate 2019 in Arizona !
Why Wait? Everyone else is!
Just the answer you want to hear!
It’s a Perfect time to buy or sell.

It’s a New Year and it is a great time to buy or sell. Yes, a win-win for both parties. Over the last two months the buyers and sellers are asking themselves, why am I not moving?
Are prices too low?
This is usually a slow time of year!
Any buyers in town?
Is there to much supply for the demand?

Are interest rates too high?
To little supply for the demand?

What is happening!
Prices were a little over the norm for very clean or remodeled homes from April till July. Mainly because of the first fear of higher interest rates.
Are things slowing down? Normally this time of year, sellers are not thrilled about having someone go through their home during Holiday season. Buyers are preoccupied with family and guests.
This year!
The buyers are out there looking to buy. Why?
         Buyers are still fearful about the interest rate hikes the Feds promised in 2019 but what forced their hand to buy now?
The economy and job employment is strong. They feel good!
Stocks that millions of people had in their 401K or retirement fund, like Apple and Facebook that went up a couple hundred % over the past two years started falling. Buyers have seen this before. Many sold part or all their stock and now are looking for that new home. Many are thinking that home prices are more negotiable between now and March. Maybe it is better, currently, to get a better price on a home and use some of that stock market money to get a smaller loan. Less worry about interest rate hikes.

Sellers need the most help. Sellers are the main reason for the slow down. They are also caught between the new and old way of thinking.

Old thinking!
       I will Sell my house when the market picks up in the Spring. --- What happens when the other rate hikes hit? What is going to happen in the stock market? Will there be too much inventory? Will the economy still be strong? Will the employment picture still look great?

MisLeading ads
I will just sell my house to a TV wholesaler! I will not need to clean up or paint the house. Wow, why would a wholesaler buy a home for market or even close to market if they intend to make a 15% to 25% profit? Fine, don’t clean up the property but don’t give it away. Many wholesalers advertise that there is no commission paid but leave out that they have as high as a 10% sales fee for selling your house. By the time you give the wholesaler a discount on your home’s sale price, then possibly pay a service fee, you’ll think an agent commission is a gift.

There is no inventory. Wow, what a time to sell. Little or no competition!

For the first time in the ten years I have tracked the market. Both home inventory and pending contracts have gone down but at much different levels than the previous years.

Yes, inventory is dropping but the number of pending home contracts are dropping nowhere near as fast as inventory has in past years. The buyers are here, and they are not just looking around, they are buying. Only people missing out on the housing market, are the sellers who have not listed their homes while the inventory is low, and the economy is good. Call myself and my Brother Tim and let us help guide you through the new maze of the current buying and selling market!

Will this market come to a stop or even take a breath?

Let’s get to the meat of the Phoenix Metro Market. The Phoenix and North Western Arizona areas might slow in sales but there is still a steady population growth and pricing. With a major increase of Calif. Residents moving to Arizona, we do not see a real slow down for the next 5 years.

Look over the headlines below that show that Arizona, Maricopa County and Phoenix metro areas are going at a faster rate than 95% of the rest of the country. With reports like that, are you going to wait to buy your next home in Arizona?

My knowledge and contacts can only help you make one of the most important decisions of your life!

Mike Mullan

602-531-8256 – Phoenix Metro

928-707-4462 – Northern Arizona

Partner, Brother, Tim Mullan –

“The Mullan Family serving Arizona for well over 100 years!”


Here are a few of the News headlines that effect Arizona Real Estate:

More people moving to Maricopa County than anywhere in the U.S.

By Brendon Kleen  – Editorial Intern, Phoenix Business Journal
Oct 16, 2018

Maricopa County saw more people move to the area than any other county in the U.S. during the past five years.


Los Angeles County saw 381,000 people leave during the same five-year span. Santa Clara County in Northern California was in the top 10 for people leaving as well.

Where Are Retirees Moving – 2018 Edition

Derek Miller, CEPF® SEP 20, 2018

 Arizona which took second had about 28,600 retirees.

Arizona's economy growing at fastest pace since 2007

By Tim Gallen  – Digital Editor, Phoenix Business Journal

Arizona expected to gain 500,000-plus jobs, 1 million residents by 2026

Russ Wiles, Arizona Republic Published

Arizona one of the fastest-growing states, Census says

December 26, 2018
 By Tim Gallen | Phoenix Business Journal

Arizona is among the top five fastest-growing states in the U.S., according to new Census data.


I-11 Freeway ? “Coming Soon” – 2019 is going to be a big year for Real Estate close to the extended I-11.

Flagstaff and most of Northern Arizona 

The lucky people in Flagstaff have a few months to get your planning and home improvements done. There will be a complete Flagstaff report after Feb. 15th 2017. 

We can still get started. Between a hot Phoenix, LA summer and pent up demand, May, June should be fantastic selling season in Northern Arizona!
Please consider,
If you are trying to sell in Flagstaff, a Realtor who belongs to the local Northern Arizona Association of Realtors has 684 local agents and their clients to promote your home.
A local agent in the Phoenix Metro area who belongs to the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors has over 16,000 agents in the Phoenix metro area to work with. I belong to the Northern Arizona Association of Realtors and the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors in the Phoenix metro area one of the largest markets for Flagstaff real estate. Communicating with almost 17,000 agents is a major advantage when it come to listing your home for sale.   

Now add that my family has resided and has contacts in Arizona for over 100 years. Those are some great qualifications!
None of my listed homes or land in Flagstaff have lasted 60 days and have sold over what market comps were at the time of listing. 

Please contact me by phone at 602-531-8256 / 928-707-4462 or e-mail at to arrange an appointment concerning your future real estate needs.

Mike Mullan

Fourth Generation Serving Arizona Clients
Have sold 99% of my original residential listings.
Have sold those homes 95% over market comparable pricing in less than 60 days. Over 75% in less than 30 days. 

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Mike Mullan - Arizona licensed Realtor with over 100 years of Arizona Family Tradition and Contacts

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 Realtor with over 100 years of Family Tradition and Contacts in Arizona ! In today’s market it is critical to choose the correct Real Estate Agent to help you with your home buying and selling needs in Arizona. Whether you are selling or buying, your needs go far beyond an ad in the local paper, free home evaluation and a sign in the front yard. It takes knowledge of the local area and services. Schools, financing, transportation, retail stores, crime free locations and much more to help you locate your next home or attain the best value from your existing home. It would require more than one qualified Realtor to give you the time and knowledge to do the job right! A Realtor who has just moved to Arizona in the past 10 years does not have the knowledge to help you make the decisions that you will live with for years or decades. It takes an Arizona Realtor who is a long time resident or native to the area, to provide the insights needed to make a correct selling or buying decision. The State of Arizona is 100 years old as of February 14, 2012 and I am proud to say I have had four generations of family live in Arizona, well over 100 years. All four generations created successful Arizona businesses. I offer to you my families local knowledge and contacts. No matter if you are looking to sell or buy Luxury, historic or investment properties in the Phoenix Metro area or need the contacts to make your move to Arizona as pleasurable as possible, please give me a call or drop us a line. Mike Mullan Specialists in: Luxury homes Historic homes, North Central Phoenix, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Investment, Horse and car properties as well as other Arizona resort communities. Buying services and financial contacts for our out of country friends.

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