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February/ March 2018

Real Estate Spring Fever is already here! Are you ready?

Phoenix Metro – Real Estate Market – Urgent!

National Headlines state “Existing home Sales Down 3.2%” in January! That is information you get from Zillow and other national media outlets. Come on, who cares about January?
 You better be preparing for our market now, no matter your intentions! The market in the next 3 months will change rapidly.
Phoenix Metro area has already substantially changed!
If you are looking for a home or considering a sale, the next 30 days could be crucial to you.
Inventory is the lowest I have tracked in the last 6 years for this time of year. We are down about 2000 single family home listings compared to last year and 5000 listings down from 2015.
Pending contracts on existing homes are at their highest numbers over the same period.
Translated --- Very low supply for the existing demand. Now, add raising interest rates, a greater potential for income over the past year and things could go a little Wacky!
No matter if you are buying or selling, you have a little time to prepare. Most agents and public reports focus on the sales contracts written over the last 45 days. In other words, many buyers and sellers are 45 days behind the real market. This wave of supply and demand has been building for 3 weeks.
If you haven’t bought a home yet, you have about 2 to 3 weeks before sellers catch on to exactly how low the inventory is, and prices start to do a sharp climb. Give us a call and jump in now, prices will not wait for you.
If you are renting and have a few months to go, the savings on buying now could very easily make up for the loss on your rental fees.
If you are selling, you need the Mullan Brothers. With prices climbing so fast most agents under price new listings. Would you rather sell in 2 days (why does it sell in 2 days?) or take another 10 to 20 days and possibly achieve another 5% to 10% higher sales price?
You might consider wholesaling your home to someone or some company, so you do not have to get your house ready to sell? You do not want to put up with showing your home to the public?? You would rather give up 15% to 30% better sale price than get your home ready? You have questions on this call us and we will walk you through the different scenarios.
How high could prices go?
Just a guess but homes under $300,000 a jump of 15% to 20% over the next few months is not crazy.
Under $750,000, a jump of 10% to 15% is very possible.
A clean ready to move into home in a decent location, under $1,500,000 will probably see jumps of 10%+
Homes over $1,500,000 will see substantial increases but their increases will depend on location, location, location.

Please call us for help concerning your next move selling or buying a home. We have recently seen too many sellers leaving too much money on the table. Give one of the top Arizona Real Estate Brother teams time to walk you through different scenarios to help you through your situation.

Mike Mullan – 602-531-8256 -                   - 
928-707 4462 Northern Arizona

Tim Mullan -    602-570-1088     

Flagstaff and most of Northern Arizona 

The lucky people in Flagstaff have a few months to get your planning and home improvements done. There will be a complete Flagstaff report after Feb. 15th 2017. 

We can still get started. Between a hot Phoenix, LA summer and pent up demand, May, June should be fantastic selling season in Northern Arizona!
Please consider,
If you are trying to sell in Flagstaff, a Realtor who belongs to the local Northern Arizona Association of Realtors has 684 local agents and their clients to promote your home.
A local agent in the Phoenix Metro area who belongs to the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors has over 16,000 agents in the Phoenix metro area to work with. I belong to the Northern Arizona Association of Realtors and the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors in the Phoenix metro area one of the largest markets for Flagstaff real estate. Communicating with almost 17,000 agents is a major advantage when it come to listing your home for sale.   

Now add that my family has resided and has contacts in Arizona for over 100 years. Those are some great qualifications!
None of my listed homes or land in Flagstaff have lasted 60 days and have sold over what market comps were at the time of listing. 

Please contact me by phone at 602-531-8256 / 928-707-4462 or e-mail at to arrange an appointment concerning your future real estate needs.

Mike Mullan

Fourth Generation Serving Arizona Clients
Have sold 99% of my original residential listings.
Have sold those homes 95% over market comparable pricing in less than 60 days. Over 75% in less than 30 days. 

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Mike Mullan - Arizona licensed Realtor with over 100 years of Arizona Family Tradition and Contacts

Buying or Selling  -- would you rather have a part time agent who just moved here from the Snow covered East coast or a full time agent whose family contacts and integrity go back four generations in Arizona? Click here and tell me how I can help you with your situation.!

Mike Mullan

 Realtor with over 100 years of Family Tradition and Contacts in Arizona ! In today’s market it is critical to choose the correct Real Estate Agent to help you with your home buying and selling needs in Arizona. Whether you are selling or buying, your needs go far beyond an ad in the local paper, free home evaluation and a sign in the front yard. It takes knowledge of the local area and services. Schools, financing, transportation, retail stores, crime free locations and much more to help you locate your next home or attain the best value from your existing home. It would require more than one qualified Realtor to give you the time and knowledge to do the job right! A Realtor who has just moved to Arizona in the past 10 years does not have the knowledge to help you make the decisions that you will live with for years or decades. It takes an Arizona Realtor who is a long time resident or native to the area, to provide the insights needed to make a correct selling or buying decision. The State of Arizona is 100 years old as of February 14, 2012 and I am proud to say I have had four generations of family live in Arizona, well over 100 years. All four generations created successful Arizona businesses. I offer to you my families local knowledge and contacts. No matter if you are looking to sell or buy Luxury, historic or investment properties in the Phoenix Metro area or need the contacts to make your move to Arizona as pleasurable as possible, please give me a call or drop us a line. Mike Mullan Specialists in: Luxury homes Historic homes, North Central Phoenix, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Investment, Horse and car properties as well as other Arizona resort communities. Buying services and financial contacts for our out of country friends.

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